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Body-Bands 30 Minute Exercise Plan

When you have or have worked yourself up to the next level, it is time to start focusing on a 30 minute resistance circuit 3 times a week.  The exercise below are the base level recommendations. Workouts with resistance bands are fast and effective. Use them until you are comfortable and then either move up in your band size or add other variations. These could be mixing in some basic body weight exercises or some dumbbell exercises. It is alway a good idea to mix things up a bit.

With the 30 minute routine, we still recommend going through in a circuit fashion just like in the 20 minute version (one exercise followed by another until you complete the session...then repeat the process). This will make your body stay within the ideal heart rate and also help with your cardio conditioning. Taking too many breaks will not be as effective and will probably wind up taking you longer to get through the routine.

Of course, if if you are just starting at this level you may not want to push yourself too hard at first. In that case, take each exercise at a time...do 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetition for each...then take a quick 30 second break before moving to the next exercise. When you are get to the last band exercise, you are done with the routine. If you still have a few minutes left do a few extra crunches or push-ups.

And as with all of our recommendations, make sure to mix your resistance band training with some bike riding, walking or jogging on your non strength training days. Just getting outside for a brisk walk can do wonders mentally as well as physically.

Need some instructional help on how to use Resistance Bands?

Here is a great link to a series of YouTube Videos that go through a full range of Resistance Band Workout Exercises that you can use:

Resistance Band Exercise Videos

Videos 1 to 55 are for Sprint Agility Bands...the 6' 6" and 10' Loop Bands.

Videos 56 to 101 are for 41" Loop Bands.

Videos 102 to 160 are for the Tube Bands.

The 30 Minute Resistance Band Circuit Routine

To Start: Shoot for 3 Minutes of Light Stretching with a small band, to warm up your body.

Begin with 2 Minute of Breathing Squats to get your heart rate going.  Try doing 3 sets of 20-50 repetitions each (depending on your fitness level). If you feel dizzy STOP. Remember this is just for warm up, so do not push yourself too hard at the beginning of your routine.

For those more advanced in their conditioning, use your Bands for Power Assist

Now do each on of the following exercises in rapid succession with a band that you can comfortably do 10-15 repetitions for each exercise (this is your circuit):

1 Set of Chest Flys or Presses

1 Set of Shoulder Presses

1 Set of the Woodchopper

1 Set of Shoulder Shrugs

1 Set of Band Lunges

1 Set of Pull Downs or Rowing

11 Set of Arm Curls

1 Set of Lat Rows

1 Set of Tricep Presses

1 Set of Double Crunches

30 Seconds to 1 Minute of The Plank

1 Set of Elevated Push Ups (use a chair if you do not have a ball)

30 Seconds to 1 Minute of the Side Plank

1 Minute of Rest

Repeat Circuit starting at Chest Flys

If you have time...do one or two additional exercise on areas you want to target. Don't feel stuck with just these exercises, if you have a favorite or want to replace something go right ahead. Mixing it up in your workout routine is not only fun, but it is beneficial to your workout as well.

These simple and free routines will give you a fast and complete body workout. When you are pressed for time, it is far better to take this approach rather than put if off for another time. Putting it off needs to be eliminated as an option if you want to succeed...in just about anything in life.

So there you have it. Now there is no more excuses. On you busy days, just knock out this 20 minute plan. When you have time, go for the full work out or some good cardio activity (like a run or a bike ride).

Don't wait until tomorrow, the time to take action is always now!


One those days when you are pressed for time, in as little as 10 minutes, you can run through a series of resistance training exercises that will give your body the work out it needs. Don't give yourself anymore excuses ... break out of the box and get back into shape. Follow our FREE and easy to follow program outlined on this website and "Make it happen!

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